London Tube Information


London Tube Information gives you live status updates of the London Underground, DLR and London Overground! And now through the built in Map Store you can purchase and download London Underground maps to help you plan your journeys!

It also provides a over 300 map locations to help you find your station! View these right on the integrated Google Map!

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Features inclulde:

• List of all stations on the London Underground, DLR and London Overground showing connections

• Most London Underground and many DL and London Overground stations can be viewed on the integrated Google Map

• Live status updates

• Share the status - email the status of the London Underground, DLR or London Overground to friends or colleagues

• Purchase map packs from the integrated Map Store to view tube maps

Live Status Updates

If you have a connection to the Internet you can get live tube line statuses delivered right to your device over the air. In addition to displaying the statuses on the main line list, tapping on the information button will display additional information describing the nature of any disruptions to the services.

New in version 2.3, you can now share the status of the London Underground system with friends! Just tap the envelope icon in the status view and an email compose view slides up. Just enter the recipients and press send!

NEW! Share The Status!